The never-ending debate of Live Action VS Animation marketing videos

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By: Richard

Do you prefer to watch the multiplication of a virus personified as a king or real faces expressing the joys of human connection?

OK, let’s put it more simply. When trying to figure out the most dynamic way to market your brand, should you be looking at live action or animation marketing videos? We’re here to enumerate the pros and cons of each with you, and we wish to emphasize that neither option will screw you over. So just remember: no matter what you decide, Small Ax has your back.

There are significant upsides to each option, and your selection of animation or live action will hinge on what you hope to accomplish with your video marketing. We can’t stress enough how much we value each option. You really can’t go wrong here.

What better way to visualize and comprehend the destructive pattern of superspreading than to watch the coronavirus take the form of a king with a crown? And who doesn’t like to bear witness to the love people have for one another? We certainly can’t pick a clear winner on that one.

Animated Video Marketing

Generally speaking, one of the chief benefits to animation is cost-effectiveness. The process, overall, is also more efficient. The reason for these two benefits is the fact that there is no money or energy spent on locations, crew, and all the accompanying expenditures. A video animation company can produce completely remotely, therefore eliminating COVID risks and expenses as well. An animated virus can’t spread. Even if it is wearing a crown.

Another strong plus to animated video marketing is that it expands the horizon of reality beyond what’s humanly possible in the “real world.” Whether it’s 2D Animation, 3D Animation, motion graphics, stop motion, or infographic, anything can be accomplished. With animation, we could do cartwheels on Mars and climb the exterior of the Eiffel Tower.

Additionally, animation enables us to distill complex information with simplicity and efficiency. With a simple blurb of text, a chart, a graph, or another graphic, we can transform abstract ideas into accessible, digestible bits. This can be useful when marketing a complex product or process with an explainer video. In certain cases, animation videos have exhibited higher click rates.

Live-Action Video Marketing

On the other hand, live-action video marketing production has an important place in advertising. While generally pricier, the authenticity of live action videos lends itself to a greater sense of relatability and humanity than video animation does.

What is perhaps of most importance is the ability that only a real human face has, which is the ability to convey true emotion. When the actor connects with another human, the love shows in their face. We notice that we’d be feeling the same emotion as if we were in her shoes.

Facial expressions can certainly be mimicked in animation, but the authenticity of emotion that is conveyed in a human face is markedly different. This also forges an emotional connection in viewers that is perhaps stronger than the emotional connection formed with animated videos. Therefore, while an animated marketing video might receive more clicks, a live action video, it could be hypothesized, might elicit a stronger emotional connection with consumers, resulting in more purchases or brand interaction.

Another potential upside to live action is the possibility of including real people in the ads—whether that’s a real employee or a real consumer. This ties into the feel of authenticity lending relatability to the message being conveyed. With a live action marketing video, the true impact of a brand can be felt, and real processes can be shown, such as how a product is delivered, made, or ideated.

The Video Marketing Solution

So, it’s clear at this point that the pros of each option are the cons of the other. What is important to consider in choosing your video marketing method is what message and value you are meaning to project. If it’s a simple, human concept, perhaps it would be best if you go with live action. If you are delving into the abstract, maybe you should choose animation. Either way, like we said, Small Ax has your back. Find out how we’ll help you fight the virtually rendered virus. We’ll foster the human connection.

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