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Exploring Small Ax Creative as a Company

The big question many initially have is how creative ideation works. What is it? How can it help brands get the results they want?

Small Ax Creative recruits a select group of creators to be a part of an ideation think tank. This is done for each project independently. The creators work within the specified budget to develop at least two concepts for the end-user. That means a client is not receiving an idea that doesn’t fit their needs. At the same time, specifying the budget from the start helps to keep the creator in line with the company’s financial needs – no idea is designed without being producible within the approved budget. That means every client can count on all ideas that are presented to them being producible within their financial expectations – the project is something they can afford.

The creators are paid for the work they do on the development aspect of the project. A good way to look at this model and understand how it works is to focus on what happens in crowdsourced projects. Typically, many groups of people work on spec to create ideas for the client in a crowdsourced project. No one gets paid anything if their ideas are not produced. At Small Ax Creative, our creators are always paid for the development work they execute, eliminating the ineffective and abusive practices employed in the crowdsourcing model.

What does this mean for the client? A given ideation may develop 15 to 20 project concepts. Then, the team at Small Ax Creative presents 5 to 10 of those concepts to the client. The client is able to choose exactly what they want and need. Then, they are produced by the creator that’s behind the original idea. Small Ax Creative continues to oversee and manage the project with the client and creator or, in some cases, hands off the product to a professional production team to complete. It’s that easy, and it works very well to achieve the end goals of the client.

Is This a Traditional Video Production Company?

No, it’s really not what most would expect. In fact, Small Ax Creative is not a traditional video production agency at all, even though the team can help companies to produce and complete their video – or any component of it – in a seamless manner.

Rather, the company is a dynamic creative and a production shop. It consists of a group of individuals who are hand-picked to provide these services – and they are creating content for some of the biggest and best brands out there.

How Can You Work with Small Ax Creative?

The process is very easy for clients who need marketing content, video editing, or any other type of service. Most of the time, the creators and team at Small Ax Creative work alongside the brand’s marketing team to gather information and ideas about what the goal is of any specific campaign or video need. This helps to bring creative ideas to life because it provides creators with a starting point they can work from to help support the client in the process of creating a video.

In short, clients work closely with the team at Small Ax Creative to ensure they get the very best start to their project. Then, the team of creators who are hand-picked for the client’s project go to work creating ideas. This ideation process is an outstanding way to get fresh new ideas and a different perspective overall. Small Ax Creative is the partner the client needs to get the work done efficiently. This partnership can be through your existing agency or like 70 percent of our clients it can be directly with your internal marketing teams as an extension of your marketing arm.

What If You Need Video Production with an Existing Idea?

Sometimes, companies are looking for a video production agency that can take an existing idea they have and make it come to life. That is something that Small Ax Creative does on a routine basis. Video production services are available to handle nearly all needs and to suit most budgets.

The company’s creatives are available to work on a range of projects. This includes live-action, animation, explainer videos, tutorials, documentaries, broadcast, VR/AR/XR, game app development, and much more. For those who know what they need, Small Ax Creative facilitates a fast and easy process for getting it done right away.

When it comes to producing video, Small Ax Creative is an excellent choice. Even for those who do not need creative ideation and have an idea already, Small Ax’s creative process is invaluable for multiple reasons. First, they are contracting the best creative professionals available. Each creator is hand-selected based on what they can contribute and their proven background. You do not have to worry about working with those who lack skills or industry knowledge. These professionals span six continents and speak 35 languages. There is versatility in these well-vetted professionals.

Second, Small Ax Creative is using some of the best technology to manage the process. That means that the entire process from start to finish is as streamlined and efficient as it can be. In addition, there are easy communication tools and ample resources available to support the entire process.

Consider the Benefits of Working with Small Ax Creative’s Team

Working with Small Ax Creative’s professional network offers clients a wide range of benefits. These address and rectify specific pain points that clients have expressed experiencing when they have worked with large agencies, on crowdsourced projects, or on production with a limited budget in a short amount of time. Some of the benefits of working with Small Ax

Creative include:

  • Curated professionals: Not just anyone can sign up to work for Small Ax. The Creative Network consists of highly vetted professionals who deliver work that hits the mark and is always on point. Clients receive exceptional end results.
  • A team of professionals: Another benefit is that there’s not just one creative professional working on your project. There are numerous people creating ideas. That means the chances of getting the type of results you need are typically going to be better.
  • A global network: Culture, language and lifestyle all influence the ideation process when it comes to video production. With Small Ax Creative, it is possible to count on a team of professionals that span the globe, ensuring there is someone available that can help to create the ideal finished concept with care and attention to detail – it’s going to fit the audience, too.
  • Ample medium options: Another nice benefit is that the video production team is not limited to any single option. Rather, there are many products available in multiple formats. That includes animation, explainer videos, customer success videos, social media content, product content, and even live-action. The result is that the client gets what they need no matter how they plan to use it.
  • Products are within budget: For many companies, this is a huge problem when allocating their budgetary resources. They fall in love with grand ideas that are fantastic, but the cost to produce them is far outside the scope of the project’s budget. That’s disappointing. There’s no risk of that in this framework since the project is developed within the budget from the start.

These benefits allow Small Ax Creative to be more than a basic video production agency. It does much more than video editing or creation.

What to Expect from the Process

For those who are ready to get started, Small Ax Creative makes the entire process easy to manage. For those that need video production or marketing content developed from the ideation phase, create an account and begin working with the team. Creative professionals are constantly working on projects, which means there’s always help available for those who are ready to move forward.

To learn more about Small Ax Creative, reach out directly. Get started on learning how to set up and manage the project from start to end.

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