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The real question is what can't we do. We have creative teams all over the world that have different focuses, specialties and expertise. Our Creative Network is on the forefront of any and every emerging technology you can imagine. Here are just a few of the services we offer for your marketing solutions:

    1. Creative Ideation

    Creative ideation is the process of generating ideas. It's the ability to think outside the box and to see things in a different way. It's the first step in the creative process. It includes brainstorming, problem-solving, mind mapping, lateral thinking, trial and error, persistence, and other creative thinking techniques to come up with new and innovative ideas.

    For each project, Small Ax will enlist a select group of its artists to participate in an “ideation think tank.” Each creative is required to provide at least two ideas under a certain budget. The set budget ensures that the ideas generated are workable. Our goal is to never provide a customer with a project that they cannot afford. In contrast to a crowd-sourced approach, where hundreds of creators may be working on spec, and nearly none are paid, each creator is rewarded for their development labor.

    2. Video Production

    Videos can be used to promote products or services. They can explain a product or service to existing clients, potential new clients, or the general public. Videos can also be used to explain how your business works, showcase your company's values or culture, or introduce your brand to the world.

    With nearly a decade of video production experience, Small Ax is capable of putting together most types of videos, whether they're live action or animation, for ads, brand awareness, explainers, social impact clips, product introductions, testimonials, or interviews. Please see our work page for examples of what we've done.

    A quick and simple digital creative brief is the first step in the process, which the client may complete whenever is convenient for them. Once it's completed, the brief is always accessible the client via our website.

    Based on the brief, a creative ideation may be in order. Small Ax will handpick a select group of its creators to join your “ideation think tank.” Each creator is required to pitch various ideas that are producible under a certain production budget. There may be as many as 15 or 20 project ideas conceived from a single creative ideation. Small Ax Creative curates the five to 10 best of those ideas to share with the client. The winning idea is then either developed and produced by the idea's originator under the direction of Small Ax, or it's sent to one of our skilled production teams. After it's produced, it will be edited and go through a post production process to be finished for and delivered to the client.

    3. Content Strategy

    Content strategy is a process to help determine what type of video content you should create and how you should create it. It ensures that your content is produced in a way that maximizes its potential. The right content strategy is one that results in engaging, informative, and relevant content for your audience, and is delivered on-time and on-budget.

    With extensive experience in video production, Small Ax provides clients with powerful insights into which content strategies work — and which don't. We'll work with you on a tailored content strategy that completely aligns with your company's vision and goals.

    4. End to End Production

    End to end production encompasses the entire production of a video from start to finish. This includes the reception and processing of your creative brief, creative ideation, the actual shooting, the editing and post production, and the final delivery of your video.

    Our curated creative network of video production professionals is one of the features that distinguishes Small Ax from other companies. Our approach offers you access to some of the greatest creative minds available with vetted experts from across multiple industries.

    Our network's diversity enables us to assemble a curated mix of creatives with various backgrounds and viewpoints for each creative ideation. Because of this, we're able to produce a wide range of creative concepts from various perspectives custom fit to your brand's content strategy.

    5. Live Action Videos

    Live action videos are videos that are shot using a camera. They feature real people (actors), in real-time, doing real things. They're not animated, computer-generated, or pre-recorded.

    Live action videos are a great way to show off your product or service and connect with your audience. Live action videos can often be shot quickly, as the process of shooting is accomplished in a studio or on location by professionals who work in these settings regularly.

    Small Ax's network of video production talent includes creators who are highly experienced with live action video production, so your content will look professional. Please see our work page to see examples of our live action videos.

    6. Animation Videos

    Animation videos are a highly effective way to convey a message. They're also a great way to get your message across audiences of all ages. Animation videos are great for any business, big or small.

    The main difference between a live action video and an animation video is the production process. A live action video is shot with a camera, while an animation video is created on a computer.

    Small Ax's network of video producers includes talents who specialize in colorful, dynamic, and complex animation. We offer both 2D, 3D and motion graphic animation. Please see our work page to see examples of our animation videos.

    7. Case Study Videos

    A case study video is one that showcases how your business, products, or services were used in a particular instance and how a customer benefitted. Case study videos are a great way to show what your company does, how you do it, and how your product or service can help your customers.

    Case study videos are usually both informative and engaging. They're also very popular on social media.

    Small Ax has produced dozens of case study videos and can leverage its extensive experience in this category to excel in the creative ideation process.

    8. Editing and Post Production

    Post production is the process of filtering, adding effects to, or otherwise enhancing video footage or sound that's already been recorded.

    Video editing is the process of manipulating and modifying video clips.

    These creative processes involve using video editing software to edit, effect, and combine multiple video clips into a single video. Some clips may be speeded up, slowed down, have filters applied, or have music or narration added.

    Both editing and post production are essential components of video production and are included in Small Ax's end to end process.

    9. AR/VR/XR

    Augmented reality (AR) is a live, direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment augmented by computer-generated elements such as sound, video, graphics, or GPS data. In many AR setups, computer-generated elements are superimposed on top of live action video.

    Virtual reality (VR) is a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional world or environment that can be interacted with in a physical way by a person using specialized electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a screen inside and/or gloves fitted with 3D location sensors. VR can artificially create sensory experiences, including those that can be seen, heard, touched, and smelled.

    VR can be used to create an illusion of reality or fantasy. The VR experience can be a simulation for training, education, or other purposes.

    Extended reality (XR) is a mix of both AR and VR elements. The goal of XR is to integrate or mirror the real world using a “digital-twin world” that can integrate and/or converse with the real one.

    Small Ax can integrate its productions into AR, VR, and XR setups as single or multiple elements.

    10. Brand Design and Development

    Brand design and development is the process of generating a visual identity for a brand. This includes the logo, color palette, typography, and other visual elements that comprise the brand's aesthetic.

    Brand design creates a visual language that communicates the brand's personality and values to an audience. Brand design is more than just logo design because it's the entire visual identity of a brand, while a logo is only one element of a brand's image.

    Brand design is important because it's the first impression a customer has of a company. A strong brand design can make a company or product memorable and help it stand out from competitors.

    Brand design and development is an ancillary service that Small Ax offers clients who want to have their product or firm look professional in all instances and from all perspectives in the context of video production.

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