Creating video marketing content for your brand doesn’t have to suck

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By: Richard

Bob over at your average advertising agency wakes up and immediately thinks, F&%K. Why, you ask? Well, he’s not late. He didn’t oversleep. He’s not under-prepared for a presentation. He just simply hates his life, because it sucks. But does it have to? No, it doesn’t have to suck. For the archetypal Bobs of the world, doing business can feel dry and painful. We don’t think that advertising has to be that way. At Small Ax, we certainly don’t experience it in that way. For us, it’s all about disruption and choice.

If the Small Ax Creative blog had a thesis (which it probably doesn’t because we’ve surely already established ourselves as non-academic by unleashing an F-bomb in the first sentence), it would be that creating marketing content for your brand doesn’t have to suck. It doesn’t have to be as awful as Bob seems to think it is. And that’s nothing against Bob’s wife, Bob’s two dear children, his beloved cat, or, god forbid, Bob’s agency. It just means that systems eventually start to fail unless updated. We don’t want it to suck. We refuse to let it suck. We must disrupt. Small Ax Creative is a company dedicated to disruption, but not just for the sake of disruption. We disrupt because we firmly believe there is a better way. We give voices to creative people of all kinds, utilizing their unique perspectives, skills, and experiences as creative tools.


Don’t hate us for the quantum leap. Not only does it not have to suck, but it can actually be fun. And what is our definition of fun? It’s the opposite of something that sucks. So, really, it’s not much of a leap anyway.

When it doesn’t suck–when, in fact, it’s fun–we don’t dread responding to emails, we look forward to that next video call, we’re absolutely psyched about the shoots, and we feel ignited by the purpose we find in working with brands we want to work with. Because, guess what? We don’t work with brands if we think the process is going to suck! Who’s surprised?

We work with brands and people we want to work with. We do work that inspires us. We relish in our work because we enjoy it and the people who do it with us. We naturally galvanize ourselves into working hard because we don’t think the work sucks. It doesn’t bore us to tears. It doesn’t fill us with overwhelming dread. Why? Because we like it, and we choose wisely. Fun is a choice.

Small Ax Creative is not in the business creating life-sucking, boring content. We’re in the business of disruption. Unless you’ve been mindlessly reading this article like Bob mindlessly goes about his job due to the intense, crushing banality of his life, you’ll realize that we have a purpose, a point, to our disruption. We don’t want that intense, crushing banality. What’s the point of living if that’s the case? We disrupt because chaos is not always entropic. Sometimes, chaos creates change, much like destruction is said to spur creation. Like the Bob Marley lyric on which our name is based, “So if you are the big tree, we are the small ax[e] ready to cut you down.”


Cutting down is important, for creativity is not something to be precious with, to be cradled with care–but something that blossoms with collaboration and a shared goal. We want to hear your ideas and riff on them. We take the time to listen to what you want and what you have to say.

So come see how we do it. Have fun with it. When fun is in the picture, it permeates the entire process. It galvanizes people, inspires them to work to their fullest potential. We don’t have to feel forced to do anything we do because we’re operating out of passion and love for the process. Like we said, fun is a MF*%king choice.


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