Why a Referral Program?

Congratulations, if you’re reading this then you are part of Small Ax Creative’s inner and most trusted circle. As you probably already know, we value relationships and networking so much that we built a business around it – our ideation and creative network.

Thanks to friends like you, over the last year Small Ax Creative has been rapidly growing and we want to show our appreciation by formalizing what has been an informal process of referral making. Now it’s easier than ever to identify the clients you want to refer and get paid 5% from any and all new business that comes from your introductions.

Our goal is to make this as simple as possible and pay you lots of money for making easy lift introductions. We are all in this together and sharing in the new businesses we create together is a win-win. We are happy to do it all day long!

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How You Benefit

Let’s be honest, successful referral programs work because the product or service being referred truly provides value to customers. We’ve spent many years perfecting what we think is a better, more cost efficient and, frankly, easier way to do video production. Since you are already familiar with what we can do and the quality of our work, we are hoping that making an introduction to Small Ax Creative is something that comes easy. We recognize that making a referral is a personal act that reflects directly on you and therefore requires attention and patience.

Our promise to you is that we will take all introductions to your network seriously and will treat them professionally and with the utmost respect, like we treat family and like we treated you.

We want you to not only benefit monetarily, did I already say that you will get 5% thank you referral fee, but also reputationally. We believe that referring a great service or benefit reflects positively on you, as the referrer. And we understand the importance of discretion when making referrals. The details of our referral relationship remain confidential, unless you decide to share them with someone.

It’s easy. It only takes 4 simple steps.

Step 1
Submit the agencies / companies you want to make introductions to

Step 2
Sign our short referral agreement to enable you to start making introductions

Step 3
Make introductions however you feel most comfortable (e.g. text, email, over coffee, conference call, etc.)

Step 4
When we get paid, you get paid. You deposit your 5% thank you referral check into the bank



Question: How do I make sure you are not already talking to the clients I introduce you to?

Answer: During the sign-up process you will submit the agencies / companies (along with at least one specific contact per company) you would like to put on your list of prospective referrals. Within 1 to 2 business days we will let you know which ones are ok to move forward and which ones we are already in the process of talking to and can not be included. 

Question: What can I expect in terms of a referral fee check size based on your average project?

Answer: Small Ax has clients that have billed anywhere from $10,000 to $500,000. An average size project would cost around $50,000 depending on several factors. Your expected referral fee check based on this average amount would be $2,500 or 5% of the gross. On the high end, a larger project would cost around $250,000 and your expected referral fee check based on this would be $12,500.

Question: What if I sign up but my friend makes the introduction that leads to Small Ax Creative getting new business?

Answer: Our relationship is technically with you so, as long as you have followed the steps to get signed up and the company / agency was approved under your name, you would be paid the 5% referral fee. How you would like to share your referral fee is up to you to decide. 

Question: Is Small Ax Creative open to me making new introductions to clients they have worked with in the past?

Answer: Yes. Absolutely! It all depends on who the specific contact is and where we are in our discussions. 

Question: If business comes out of a referral I made several months or years ago will you honor it?

Answer: Cutting anyone out of referral agreement because time has elapsed is not good karma. Most deals take longer that expected. If business comes out of an approved referral you made within 12 months we will honor it. Also, if a deal is in progress but takes longer than 12 months we will honor it.

Question: If business comes out of an agency or company I made a referral to but not the department I introduced you to will I get paid?

Answer: We want to pay you for introductions that lead to closed business. If it was an introduction you made that resulted in another department hearing about us, we will happily pay you a referral fee.

Question: Do I get paid 5% of gross, what is billed to the client, or net, what Small Ax makes in profit? 

Answer: You get paid 5% of gross. No funny business here. 

Question: Do I get paid on the original scope of business or, in the event the scope grows, what is eventually paid to Small Ax?

Answer: You get paid 5% of what Small Ax gets paid at the end of the day. Like we said, no funny business here. 

Question: Can I share your referral program with someone else?

Answer: Yes, please. But remember, we only pay out one 5% referral fee per project. 

Question: When will I get paid?

Answer: You get paid when we get paid. Once at the beginning when we get an initial deposit and at the end when the project is done.

Still got questions? No problem. Please email us at and we will get back to you.